Day: January 7, 2017

How to Soften Skin in Lightroom

On Friday I was teaching my seminar in Hartford (shout out to all the awesome folks who came out to spend the day), and on one of the breaks between classes, a gentlemen came up and asked:
“Is there’s an easy way to soften skin in Lightroom?”

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Turning a Photo into an Oil Painting in Photoshop

I know you probably already know about the Oil Paint filter, but while I use it in this tutorial, this tutorial is really about the 2nd and 3rd things — things that take the effect up a notch, by adding more depth to the paint strokes (using a different filter), and then adding a Canvas texture to the entire image (using yet another filter). Luckily, it’s all easy and quick to do. I made a quick tutorial for you (below) that shows how easy it is. 🙂 Hope you found that helpful. 🙂 Best,...

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Gritty Texture Effect in Photoshop

An excerpt from Corey Barker’s Photoshop Down & Dirty Tricks for Designers. I’m a big fan of textures. I keep a folder of nothing but textures for any occasion. Whether they’re from iStockphoto, Fotolia, my own camera, or even my phone, I always like to have a variety on hand. In this project, we’ll use a simple texture file to add an element of grit and ruggedness to a photo. Textures can have so many uses beyond their face value; you just have to look at them a little differently. STEP ONE: Open the file of the rugged cowboy...

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Old School Photoshop Background Spotlight Trick

Old School: Creating a Soft Spotlight “Behind” Your Subject If you didn’t put a soft spotlight back behind your subject when you took the shot, this will do in a pinch. STEP ONE: Open the image you forgot to add a soft spotlight behind. STEP TWO: Duplicate the Background layer and change the layer blend mode to Multiply to darken the entire image (as seen above). Now, get the Elliptical Marquee tool; hold the Shift key, and drag out a large circular selection like the one you see here. Once it’s in place, go under the Select menu, under Modify and...

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Fast and Silent Four-Bay RAID 5 Solution Review by Erik Vlietinck CalDigit is a supplier of storage solutions for creative profes- sionals, including photographers and video producers. The T4 is their hybrid Thunderbolt 2 RAID-capable storage solution. T4’s have a tightly fitting die-cast aluminum enclosure aimed at silent operation and good thermal management. They have four lockable removable drives that carry a three-year warranty. The unit itself carries a five-year warranty. The T4 is an SSD- or HDD-based hybrid RAID solution, combining a programmable chip and a macOS menu applet to configure it. The uncommon support for SSDs allows...

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