Author: Scott Kelby

Blind Photo Critiques on “The Grid”

This week we (Scott is joined by iphoneographer Erik Kuna.) did our monthly “Blind Photo Critiques” episode where readers submit their images to be critiqued with an honest open review (which is why we call them blind critiques – we don’t display the photographer’s name, so we can be honest without offending anyone publicly). Scott also shared a peek at a few images from shooting the College Football National Championships. Thanks for watching!...

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How to Soften Skin in Lightroom

On Friday I was teaching my seminar in Hartford (shout out to all the awesome folks who came out to spend the day), and on one of the breaks between classes, a gentlemen came up and asked:
“Is there’s an easy way to soften skin in Lightroom?”

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Turning a Photo into an Oil Painting in Photoshop

I know you probably already know about the Oil Paint filter, but while I use it in this tutorial, this tutorial is really about the 2nd and 3rd things — things that take the effect up a notch, by adding more depth to the paint strokes (using a different filter), and then adding a Canvas texture to the entire image (using yet another filter). Luckily, it’s all easy and quick to do. I made a quick tutorial for you (below) that shows how easy it is. 🙂 Hope you found that helpful. 🙂 Best,...

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Old School Photoshop Background Spotlight Trick

Old School: Creating a Soft Spotlight “Behind” Your Subject If you didn’t put a soft spotlight back behind your subject when you took the shot, this will do in a pinch. STEP ONE: Open the image you forgot to add a soft spotlight behind. STEP TWO: Duplicate the Background layer and change the layer blend mode to Multiply to darken the entire image (as seen above). Now, get the Elliptical Marquee tool; hold the Shift key, and drag out a large circular selection like the one you see here. Once it’s in place, go under the Select menu, under Modify and...

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Fast and Silent Four-Bay RAID 5 Solution Review by Erik Vlietinck CalDigit is a supplier of storage solutions for creative profes- sionals, including photographers and video producers. The T4 is their hybrid Thunderbolt 2 RAID-capable storage solution. T4’s have a tightly fitting die-cast aluminum enclosure aimed at silent operation and good thermal management. They have four lockable removable drives that carry a three-year warranty. The unit itself carries a five-year warranty. The T4 is an SSD- or HDD-based hybrid RAID solution, combining a programmable chip and a macOS menu applet to configure it. The uncommon support for SSDs allows...

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