Above: The PocketWizards are for firing two remote cameras — the 5D Mark III and one of the 1Dxs. I’ll put the Fisheye on the one closest to the player intro area, and the 14mm farther. 

Very excited to be shooting with Michael Benford, Jimmy Cribb, and the Falcon’s crew again for today’s NFL Playoff game against the Seattle Seahawks. Bringing two remote cameras for the player intros, along with a TetherTools CaseAir Wireless Tethering System to control and shoot my DSLR with my iPhone. Can’t believe I fit all of this in one Think Tank Photo bag. Glad it rolls (and man was it fun placing it in the overhead bin this morning). 

Above: I mount the ballheads on the Platypod Pro Max’s and position them on the ground aiming up at the players during the intro as they come through the fire and smoke.  

I’ll share some shots over on my Facebook tomorrow, and I’ll have some behind-the-scenes stuff over on my Instagram page today (I’ll be posting them as Instagram Stories). If I have time today, I’ll do a Facebook live stream of the remote setup once I get it all set up (doesn’t take long).

#riseup! #goFalcons!